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Hair loss treatment products

Hair loss treatment products represented by good-looking famous influencers who review and create a propaganda that your hair will grow back and black in a short period of time are scattered all over the marketing world. However, for Dr Mokan, we don’t believe that such an exaggerated miracle product will result in increasing hair in just only 10 or 30 days since taking care of our hair must be done gradually and each product quality must be chosen carefully as well. If you happen to choose unqualified products, you may be at risk of even more severe hair loss, or worst: baldness.

Dr Mokan hair loss treatment product was formulated by Fuji Sangyo Research Institute together with Japanese Red Cross Kochi Hospital medical research team. The institute is well-recognized, especially for its researches that have shown results according to medical objectives by Dr. Ryuichiro Kuwana who has been in the process of developing product formulas for more than 10 years.

At that time, the research results from participants were collected, resulting from the statistics of measuring the mass and density of hair cells. It helps increase hair thickness for 132.6% and stimulates hair length for 122.1% which is a miracle research figure, derived from precious natural extracts in Japan, including Suhakuhi Ekisu and Fuji Banjiro Leaf, whose most outstanding properties are DHT inhibition.

DHT can almost be called the main cause of thinning hair as it is a difficult factor to control since it is about genetics. Therefore, the extracts included in Dr Mokan that has the ability to block DHT directly from the hair follicles are the answers to most hair loss problems. Moreover, the extracts of Suhakuhi Ekisu and Fuji Banjiro Leaf are also added to the product in the ratio that is up to 30%, meaning the maximum concentration is 6 times more than other products.

If you try to open up your mind to a quality product, try to choose the one that when you pay, you believe that the price is reasonable for the results you will get so you will not be disappointed. Dr Mokan has been recognized by real consumers in Japan and Asia for more than 27 years, including words of mouth from real customers about fast and obvious results.

Trust me, your hair, your skin and your face are something you need to invest wisely. The value is when you look in the mirror and see the best version of yourself. With Dr Mokan, stop hair loss problem the right way without taking a risk by using medicine.